Aug 22, 2012

Forney Transportation Museum
Estes Park
Giant Easel, Goodland Kansas
Sculpture Garden
Memorial to the Lockerbie Pan Am flight 103 Bombing
Forney Transportation Museum
Rocky Mountain National Park
Here it is August 2012 and we finally hit the road on the 8th.  First stop was Wakeeney Kansas at the KOA Kampground.  Not a bad place and reasonably priced but also not a place I would want to stay very long.  Next day we got on I-70 to Limon Colorado, that's when the trouble started.  The motorhome wouldn't get above 60 and it seemed like we didn't have any power.  We stopped in Goodland and put some oil in the engine since it was down a little bit.  This helped for a little while so we limped into Limon.  Took the MH to a diesel service place and they recommended we change the water separator and fuel filter.  Seems we got a load of bad fuel and plugged both.  We checked in at the local KOA.  The next morning we got back on I-70, the MH ran like a champ and we made Denver in short order.  Got on I-25 north to Fort Collins and the KOA there.  This KOA was not as reasonable as the first two, over $50 a night.  Yeah yeah I know, tourist country.  So we did the tourist thing, visited with friends and family.  While there we got tired of the first step into the MH and went shopping for a new step.  We found one at RV America in Loveland and arraigned to have in installed that Wednesday.  The night before I moved the MH back a little to get all for tires on the concrete, when I parked it again wife noticed we had a leak under the front by the jack.  We went to the store and got kitty litter and put that down on the leak.  The next morning we took the MH to the dealer and asked them to check the front jack for leaks.  About an hour later they came back and said the jack was just fine but that we had a leak from the fuel tank, the leak was diesel fuel.  I asked if it was fixable and they said maybe.  Went to parts, they couldn't find a tank for that year so they called Monaco who said they could build one for $1800 plus shipping and would take about 8 - 12 weeks.  Well we couldn't stay here in snow country while the snow flew, brrrrr.  Went back to the mechanic and said I would really appreciate them fixing the tank since the cost and time was prohibitive.  We arraigned to put the MH in the shop the next Monday and dropped it off Saturday.  We then got a motel room for the week.  This isn't what we had planned when we went fulltime.  In the mean time we were doing the tourist thing around Colorado.  Estes Park (where we saw elk in the middle of town), Boyd Lake State Park, Sculpture Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods, Seven falls, the Edelweiss restaurant, the old house from when I lived in Colorado Springs and the school I attended, Cheyenne Canyon, the Air Force Academy, and the Forney Transportation Museum.  Now we will wait for the good news that the MH is fixed and we can get back on the road before the snow times come.
US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

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